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"What I have found with TaskMap is that, as a user of Visio, there was virtually no learning curve in using TaskMap. It integrates seamlessly to Visio and functions like their other stencils. The beauty of the product is it is far easier to assign responsibilities and have those roles integrated with the assigned tasks. It is easy to understand task details as they are visible on each task shape. I can't comment on the help files as I have not had to use them."

Jim Sinclair
Operations Manager
Pano Cap Canada Ltd.


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TaskMap® software products are the ideal companions for those that think that processes are difficult to comprehend and distribute. Each license includes training, online support and the easiest process mapping software in the market. All software is immediately downloadable after purchase. Just select from our line of process mapping products the product(s) that best meet your needs.

Process Mapping Training

Fundamentals of Process Mapping
Publishing Policies and procedures with TaskMap
Process Capture
Process Analysis

Fundmentals of Process Mapping
Online $49.95/person

Publishing Processes & Procedures
Online $99/person

Process Capture
Online $99/person

Learn to Analyze Processes
Online $99/person

Process Improvement
Business Process Improvement Boot Camp
Introduction to TaskMap Standard
TaskMap Professional Training Course

Learn to improve processes
Online $99/person

BPM Bootcamp
Online $195/person

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Learn TaskMap Professional
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Simplified Process mapping Webinar - FREE
ITIL Processes Made Easy
Setting up a Service Desk
Become a process Focused Organization

Become a Process Focused Org

Get your Process University Passport and attend four of our courses for only $150 per person/per year.
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