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The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to document and share processes

Many process mapping solutions have a steep learning curve for creating maps and practically require a PhD in Process to read the resulting maps. TaskMap® defies convention by using a small, well-defined symbol set and a built-in methodology. Consequently, TaskMaps are easy to create and easy to read, even for people seeing one for the first time.

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We recreated a group of flowcharts for our processes as TaskMaps, and then asked project team members and associated business managers which they preferred. The unanimous response was TaskMaps.

Director, IT Corporate Initiatives
Sanmina-SCI Corporation


A family of process mapping solutions

Do you need a lightweight, free method for documenting process steps and key details in visual form? Or do you need a full-featured solution that links process diagrams to external data sources and visualizes KPIs and other process details right in the map?

Either way – or if you need something in between – TaskMap offers a solution.

TaskMap is an add-in to Microsoft Visio and leverages the power and flexibility of the Visio diagramming engine.



  • Displays key process details on each Task in the process
  • Works in any version of Visio on the desktop
  • Automated upgrade of Lite maps to Standard/Professional format when you’re ready for more

$349 Per License

  • Only six symbols make it easy to create and read TaskMaps
  • Automated Task numbering
  • Automated Task layout
  • Predefined and custom reports

$549 Per License

  • All Standard features plus…
  • User-defined data fields
  • Data visualization
  • Save as PowerPoint and Project


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TaskMap is easy to use but training is available if you want it

We designed TaskMap so anyone can document processes! Many TaskMap users just start dragging shapes onto the page and never look back. However, we do offer complimentary, instructor-led training if you’d like an even faster start.

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Professional consulting assistance is available for every aspect of your process projects.

Need assistance turning your notes into process maps? Need help converting existing flowcharts into TaskMaps? Need on-site assistance conducting workshops and gathering institutional process knowledge? We can help.

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You’re not alone.

Our consultants can help with software issues, process mapping style questions, even Visio training and custom enhancements to Visio and TaskMap shapes and templates.

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This is amazing! I really appreciate the feedback and information you have provided me. BEST support response I have ever seen THANK YOU!!!

Ron W. Bedoya, Information Technology Manager
OPUS Inspections

TaskMap Professional is way ahead of the market. I’ve used a lot of software products and there is no other way that I can represent as much process information as concisely and effectively as I can with TaskMap Professional. It saves me time every day and my clients love the maps that I produce for them.

Peter Luedtke
Director Professional Services business process consulting firm

Diagrams are often used as weapons by analysts but TaskMap is intuitive to all types of users and can be used to promote healthy debate and therefore create a better outcome.

Quality Manager
Leading UK Travel Company

TaskMap is a documentation tool that can be applied to business and administrative procedures as successfully as clinical processes.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

One of our earliest efforts to use TaskMap involved the customer feedback process. Mapping the process identified redundant and unnecessary steps that we could eliminate to the point that we cut the monthly cycle time from 33 to five hours – a 78% reduction in staff time every month.

Assistant Director Process and Systems Improvement
Top-Five Clinical Research Organization

We use TaskMap to help us re-engineer our processes. The TaskMap format allows us to document the current state of our processes in a way that everyone understands. And using TaskMap to document the ‘to be’ process is a fast, efficient way for everyone to define and agree on what the end state will be. TaskMap saves us time and money at both ends of the reengineering effort.

Barry Waldman, Director IT Audit and Compliance
Charles River Labs

TaskMap is a unique tool that can be used by any healthcare organization to capture and communicate key processes.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

Anyone doing SOX documentation would be hard-pressed to find a more efficient way to document process flows than by using TaskMap. TaskMap provides the glue and coordination for our audit staff and allows team members to work together effectively.

Vice President
leading biosolids management firm

The TaskMap system possesses the traits our user community can most appreciate: it can be taught in a few hours, it's simple, the functionality supports web presentation and linking of related documents, and its help files are extensive.

Training Manager
Mid-sized Northeastern US Hospital

One advantage of TaskMap is that it's user-friendly, which results in consistent approaches to process capture across the organization. In addition, it can be used at all staff levels very successfully.

Vice President, Business Development
Texas Medical Foundation

I've been interviewing and creating TaskMaps for about a month now and it's fantastic! It's so easy to use and I love that I can capture all the details but then hide whatever I want to when I'm showing maps to different audiences.

Senior Project Manager
Leading facility design and operations firm

We recreated a group of flowcharts for our processes as TaskMaps, and then asked project team members and associated business managers which they preferred. The unanimous response was TaskMaps.

Director, IT Corporate Initiatives
Sanmina-SCI Corporation

The primary reason for choosing TaskMap is the consistent yet uncomplicated TaskMap method. TaskMaps make it a good deal easier to record and communicate a complex process in a straightforward manner, even with its numerous interdependencies and touch-points.

Business Process Consultant
Middle Eastern Bank

I just presented several TaskMaps at a company meeting and it was simple to tailor the view on the screen to show exactly what the audience required. TaskMap is much better than Visio by itself!

Senior Project Manager
Leading facility design and operations firm

The key for me is TaskMap Capture for Excel. It enables us to create a phase/task work breakdown structure and then create a process map without having to rekey everything.

Legal Project Management Specialist
Mid-sized US law firm

Your product is wonderful and is quickly becoming one of Natural SPI’s more significant differentiators in our market space, and I just wanted you to know.

Michael West, President
Natural SPI