TaskMap: Processes Made Easy

TaskMap Update: 4.0.5


NEW: TaskMap Self-Paced Tutorials

Add Tasks to Page

  • Drag and Drop Tasks onto a Page
  • Use Quick Connect to Shoot Shapes onto a Page
  • Add Blank Tasks (Multiple) to a Page
  • Add Tasks to a Page from a TaskMap Capture Workbook

TaskMap Capture for Excel

  • What is TaskMap Capture for Excel
  • Create a Blank TaskMap Capture Workbook
  • Create TaskMap Capture Workbook from a TaskMap
  • Link a TaskMap to a TaskMap Capture Workbook
  • Update TaskMap Capture Data

Customize Role Names

  • Add/Edit/Delete Roles
  • Import Role Names
  • Export Role Names
  • Updating Roles in aTaskMap Capture for Excel Workbook

Renumber Tasks

  • How TaskMap Determines Task IDs
  • How to Renumber Tasks
  • How to Renumber Tasks in a New Numeric Order

Check My TaskMap

  • Verify task Link Connections
  • identify Duplicate Task IDs
  • Verify Connector Hyperlinks

Turn Task Details On/Off

Task Link Display Options

  • Change Task Link Display Options for All Task Links on a Page
  • Change Task Link Display Options for All Tasks Links in a TaskMap
  • Change Task Link Display Options for Selected Task Links

Save as PowerPoint

Save as Process Folder

Evaluate TaskMap

Installing and Activating TaskMap 4.5

If you are already running TaskMap 4 when you install the 4.0.5 update, it should not be necessary to activate your license again. Just perform the following four steps:

  1. Uninstall your current version of TaskMap.
  2. Run the TaskMap 4.5 installation program and select Standalone as the license type.
  3. Send the locking code notification email to us.
  4. Run TaskMap

Revision History

Version 4.5


Version 4.0.4/4.0.5

  • Task numbering now works correctly with Visio 2007 Standard
  • TaskMap correctly locates the user's My Documents folder even if it is located on a server or a remote system
  • Changed the method used to create Page/Task hyperlinks so that changes to a page name or Task ID are automatically reflected in the hyperlink (TaskMap no longer needs to update the hyperlink because the Subaddress field now uses the Pages[] function and the Description field is set equal to the Subaddress value)
  • A SmartTag on a Task no longer breaks if the user manually changes a Task ID, uses the renumber function, or copies and pastes a Task (TaskMap no longer writes an absolute value for the Task ID into the SmartTag; instead it writes a formula that points to the Task ID)
  • After warning that the user should save the drawing before creating a Page/Task link, TaskMap no longer displays the hyperlink dialog anyway
  • The Task dropdown in the hyperlink dialog now shows the correct value when editing an existing Page/Task link
  • Spell check no longer inserts a space at the front of the Task Description each time it corrects a spelling error in a Guideline or Resource; similarly, spaces are no longer inserted at the front of a Task Link description when Task Link errors are corrected
  • Applying a fill color to a Task no longer applies the color to Guideline, Resource, Supporting Role and Hyperlink icons under that Task
  • A user-entered description for an email hyperlink is now recorded properly; also the tab sequence in the email hyperlink form is now correct

Version 4.0.3

  • TaskMap Capture for Excel no longer issues a warning about user-defined field names if any user-defined field is a fixed or variable list
  • Excel import function in Customize Role Names dialog now includes .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm files
  • Fixed problem that deleted hyperlinks on a Guideline/Resource when user changed text of the Guideline/Resource
  • Added two right-click menu options for Guidelines and Resources: Edit Guideline/Resource Text and Delete Hyperlink
  • For Visio 2010, creating a new TaskMap from a template always forces the Shapes window to appear (Microsoft changed the default behavior in Visio 2010 such that if user closed Shapes window, it would not appear in new documents)
  • Corrected button placement on Add Tasks to Page dialog for PRO

Version 4.0.2 (not used for general release)

  • Implemented AutoConnect for Visio 2007 and 2010; when Task Links are automatically added, TaskMap changes glue from dynamic to static so that Task Links are always connected at a connection point
  • When a Task Link is split by dropping a Task on it, the glue type is changed from dynamic to static
  • Implemented Dynamic Grid for Visio 2003/2007 and Enhanced Dynamic Grid for Visio 2010
  • For Visio 2010:
  • Implemented QuickShapes to create maps more quickly
  • Corrected issue that could cause more than one
  • TaskMap tab to appear on the Visio ribbon
  • TaskMap tab is always activated when user switches to a TaskMap
  • Adjusted width of TaskMap tab labels so that the Help group is not collapsed at screen resolution of 1024x768
  • User can now click anywhere on the TaskMap Capture, Check My TaskMap and Visualize Data buttons (previously, it was necessary to click on the bottom half of the bottom; clicking the top half did nothing)
  • After a trial license has expired, the About TaskMap dialog box now shows either "Standard trial license has expired" or "Professional trial license has expired"
  • Removed requirement that a TaskMap must maintain an internal link to the TaskMap template; previously, if Visio crashed when a TaskMap was open, TaskMap would fail to recognize that map as a valid TaskMap
  • Corrected problem that truncated TaskMap Capture filename if TaskMap had not yet been saved
  • Fixed spell check error that caused TaskMap to crash if two words had same spelling but different uppercase/lowercase letters

Version 4.0.1

  • Updated code in TaskMap Capture for Excel to check for version 4 license
  • Rearranged buttons on toolbar so they are in same sequence as on the ribbon
  • Added "(PRO only)" to entries on dropdown for Check My TaskMap
  • Save as Project checks for existence of Project on user's system before displaying field mapping dialog rather than after
  • Corrected problem in user-defined fields customization dialog that caused dropdown list to contain double entries for type = Number
  • Changed text in About TaskMap dialog to reflect full version number, e.g., 4.0.1

Version 4.0.0

  • Initial release of version 4; includes all features listed under v3.5.6 below, plus those listed under this heading.
  • Activated Dynamic Grid for documents opened in Visio 2010
  • Made placement of buttons on dialog boxes more consistent; Cancel is always on bottom right.

Version 3.5.6 (Beta test for 4.0)

Standard and Professional

  • Added support for all editions of Visio 2010
  • Added TaskMap tab to Visio 2010 ribbon
  • Can now select Task with a single click
  • Added SmartTags for access to Task functions
  • Dropping a Task on a Task Link splits the Task Link
  • Dropping a Connector on page automatically attaches a Label to the Connector
  • Find/Replace now works for all Task data fields Spell check now works for all Task data fields
  • Created new TaskMap reports dialog to simplify report creation
  • Hyperlink dialog now shows both Task ID and Task Description when creating link to Task on another TaskMap page
  • Reconfigured Task Display Option dialog and added option for user to turn off display of Notes Indicator and Task ID
  • Changed text wrapping on Task Links for improved readability
  • Subprocess field and Connectors can now have document and web page hyperlinks in addition to Page/Task links
  • Hyperlink dialog now lists Office 2000-2010 document types
  • Bookmark browse button in hyperlink dialog can browse for bookmarks both Word and Excel in all Office versions through 2010
  • Added option to suppress display of Task ID Suggestion dialog for first Task dropped on a page
  • Added option to suppress Task Link splitting Hyperlink dialog appears much more quickly
  • Network license is now released when last TaskMap is closed rather than when Visio is closed

Professional only

  • Added Check My TaskMap to identify:
    • Tasks with duplicate Task IDs
    • Connectors without hyperlinks
    • Task Links that are not connected at both ends
  • Added hyperlink report
  • Added Save as PowerPoint
  • Added Save as Microsoft Project plan
  • Added Save as TaskMap Process Folder
  • Enhanced Save as TaskMap Capture for Excel workbook to include all data from current TaskMap
  • Added one user-defined field for a total of three All user-defined fields are now fully customizable, including field name, data type, prompt text
  • TaskMap Capture for Excel works with customizable user-defined fields
  • Added option to create Tasks from linked data, i.e., to create a map from Tasks listed in the External Data window
  • Lines from Task to Guidelines/Resources/Supporting Roles are now protected so they do not change color if user applies Color by Value data graphic
  • TaskMap logo is no longer locked to page for TaskMap Professional

Revision History