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Agile Methodology


A Iteration is a short timeframe or 'timebox' that lasts from one to four weeks. Each iteration is worked on by a single team reducing the overall risk in the project and allowing for increased adaptability. At the end of each iteration the goal is to have an available release with minimal bugs, although each iteration does not necessary end in a release that is ready for market.Team used for Agile Iteration do not normally comprised to follow the typical corporate hierarchy, but rather reflect the needs to the Iteration process at hand.

  1. One the planning process is complete, the iteration process begins. The first task is to estimate the amount of work required to complete each requirement.

  2. Once the work has been estimated, it is time to model the iteration. Plan the work for iteration, create a model that is good enough to create good estimates.

  3. Complete the Test Driven Design

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