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Agile Methodology

Planning and architecture

  1. The first step in the planning phase is to identify the high-level scope.

  2. When the high-level scope is identified, Identify the requirements stack.

  3. With the requirements identified, create the initial requirements model. Use the organizations usage model, initial domain model, and initial user interface model to assist in the creation of the requirements model.

  4. Once the requirements model is created, assign the architecture team. The core architecture team envisions the initial architecture then brings it to the project team for feedback. The architecture team is comprised of developers experienced in the technologies that your organization is working with and have the ability to work on architecture spikes to explore new technologies.

  5. With the core architecture team assigned, identify the architectural vision and assign an architecture owner.

  6. When the architectural vision is identified, model the architecture.

  7. The final Task for the planning and architecture process is to complete the initial set-up and planning. Once this is complete move onto the Iteration process.

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View the Agile Methodology Process in HTML format