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Excel Integration with TaskMap

TaskMap 4 provides two ways of working with MS Excel, importing data and exporting from completed TaskMaps.

TaskMap can import data directly from TaskMap Capture from Excel ensuring the most accurate process information directly from the Task owners desktop. Users simply update the information within the spreadsheet and then save the file to a shared location. The Process Map owner then updates the file as often as needed, without further input. This is not an Import feature, but rather a direct read of the Excel file, ensuring integrity and most up to date information about the process directly from the task owner.

Similarly, files created in TaskMap format can be saved into the TaskMap Capture for Excel format. This allows organizations to create a complete library of task information for all processes in office accessible format. Organizations using this model save a huge amount of time in maintenance and quality costs, as the responsibility for keeping processes up to date is pushed directly to the desktop of the task owner, a unique benefit for TaskMap 4 customers.