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Emergency Procedures: Features

Fire Incident: When a fire or smoke is detected in a building it is critical to have a procedure in place to evacuate all employees in a neat and organized manner. Then all employees must be accounted for so that the fire department can be notified of any missing employees.

Bomb Incident: In most organizations the threat of a bomb in the building is an uncommon occurrence, but if the procedure on how to handle a bomb threat is not clearly defined fear can turn into chaos. During a bomb incident the building must be properly evacuated and the proper specialized authorities must be notified.

Civil Disturbance: Another name for Civil Disturbance would be Civil Unrest, which generally refers to a disturbance caused by a group of individuals. There are many different scenarios which include illegal parades, sit-ins, riots, sabotage, etc. Handling of civil disturbance situations can be complicated and best left to the proper authorities to prevent increased levels of unrest.

Water Related Incident: When flooding occurs it is crucial to isolate the incident, assess the damage and prevent further damage. Typically an organization will have 2 different incident procedures to follow depending where the incident occurs: In the data center or in the office area.

Power Outage: When power is lost within an organization it it crucial to regain power as soon as possible to reduce losses to the business. Many organizations protect themselves from power losses through using a back-up generator or a series of back-up generators.

Medical Incident: Medical Incidents are the most common emergency procedure in the workplace. A well established medical response procedure will allow the employee (or customer) involved to receive first response care almost immediately, followed by care and transport to the appropriate medical facility by EMT personnel.

Severe Windstorm - Hurricane Incident: Whenever a severe windstorm or hurricane is occurring or about to occur, there is a procedure to prepare the organization on how to handle the incident prior to and during its occurrence.

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