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Enhanced Telecommunications Operations Map

Bill Inquiry Handling

  • Create Customer Bill Inquiry Report - Create a new customer bill inquiry report.

  • Assess Customer Bill Inquiry Report - Assess the bill inquiry report to determine the nature of the inquiry, and to determine whether the inquiry has arisen due to circumstances originating in other process areas.

  • Authorize Customer Bill Invoice Adjustment - Adjust the customer's bill invoice based on detailed assessment and/or policy.

  • Track & Monitor Customer Bill Inquiry Resolution - Efficiently assign, coordinate and track specific customer bill inquiry analysis, bill adjustments and ensuring that appropriate credits and/or other agreed adjustments are made available to the adjustments processes activities, and escalate any open customer bill inquiry.

  • Report Customer Bill Inquiry - Report on the customer's bill inquiry.

  • Close Customer Bill Inquiry Report - Close a customer bill inquiry report when the bill inquiry/complaint has been resolved.

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