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Enhanced Telecommunications Operations Map

Supplier/Partner Requisition Management

  • Select supplier/partner - Identify the most appropriate supplier/partner or suppliers/partners amongst those with whom a supply arrangement exists.

  • Initiate S/P requisition order - Generate a correctly formatted and specified S/P requisition order, and issue this to the selected supplier/partner.

  • Determine S/P pre-requisition feasibility - Determine the ability of suppliers/partners to deliver the specific resources, services or products, within the specified requirements .

  • Report S/P requisition - Monitor the status of S/P requisition orders, provide notifications of any changes and provide management reports.

  • Track & manage S/P requisition - Ensure S/P requisition orders are being processed and delivered efficiently and effectively.

  • Close S/P requisition order - Close a S/P requisition order when the S/P requisition has been successfully completed.

  • Receive & accept S/P requisition - Records delivery of S/P requisitions, and arranges for any acceptance testing or commissioning required.

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