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eTOM - Assurance



  • Simpler to follow, precise instructions: By using TaskMap, all the steps in a process are in visual format eliminating unnecessary word clutter that comes with a text based manual. A picture is worth a thousand words. The original Enhanced Telecom Operations Map Process Framework is vastly huge and complex. Thru linking together the various levels involved in this process the reader can navigate thru the framework to locate the process they hope to accomplish.

  • A customizable eTOM template improves efficiency: This eTOM Assurance template can be used and customized to your individual business needs. This means that all Resources, Guidelines and Roles used to complete a process can be hyperlinked to the Task map By customizing the eTOM Assurance map, it becomes a dashboard for the entire process.

  • Time is money: The Task completion time shows specific Task times associated with each Task. This allows the user to allocate the amount of time to each Task as well as set a time goal to meet or beat. This function is useful for process analysis and improvement. By comparing reports to actual time values, it becomes easy to identify areas where bottlenecks and inefficiency are occurring so that effective solutions to resolve these issues are developed.

  • Creating a standard for best practices: The primary purpose of developing eTOM Process Framework is to create a standard for how business is done. Once a best practice is outlined in a Task map form it can be repeated effectively, thus creating useful information which can be used to further tweak and perfect processes.

  • Paper and storage savings: Task map eliminates the need for paper versions on repair information. With the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map Process Framework being extraordinary vast it is easy to define the savings created in office supplies. Printing copies of best practice documents can result in monumental supply costs.

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View the eTOM Process in HTML format

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View the eTOM Process in HTML format