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TaskMap® Installation and Activation Guide

The installation process for TaskMap involves two steps 1) installation and 2) activation.


TaskMap is an add-in product for Microsoft Visio, consequently you must have either Visio 2013, 2010, 2007 or Visio 2007 installed before you attempt to install TaskMap. TaskMap requires either Microsoft Windows 8, 7, XP, or Windows Vista.


  1. Ensure that Microsoft Visio is not running before you proceed.
  2. Use Windows Explorer or another utility to find the "TaskMapSetup.exe" file you downloaded, then run it. On most systems, this is accomplished by double clicking the file name.
  3. Click the Setup button to begin the installation.
  4. A Welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next.
  5. A License Agreement screen will be displayed. Review the license agreement and if acceptable click Yes; otherwise, click No.
  6. The Information screen will be displayed. Click Next.
  7. The Choose Destination Location screen will be displayed with the default destination location of “ C:\Program Files \TaskMap ”.
  8. If necessary, enter a new destination location by pressing Browse and selecting or entering the location. If the entered location does not exist, a dialog will appear indicating that the location does not exist. Click Yes if you want the system to create the new location; otherwise, click No and enter an existing location.
  9. Once the destination location is correct, click Next.
  10. The system will confirm the destinations settings by displaying the Start Copying Files screen. If the information displayed on this screen is correct, click Next; otherwise, click Back to adjust the destination location.
  11. Once you have clicked Next, the installation routine will copy files to the destination location.
  12. The License and User Information dialog box will be displayed.
  13. In the User Information section of the dialog, either accept the User Name and Company Name as displayed, or enter a different User Name and Company Name.