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HFMA "Mapping the Revenue Cycle" Resource Page


Welcome, HFMA Attendees

Welcome to the resource page created exclusively for people who attended one of our recent HFMA presentations on Mapping the Revenue Cycle:

We're glad you enjoyed our ideas for utilizing process mapping techniques and TaskMap? software to create simple, readable maps of the revenue cycle. Because so many people were interested in seeing sample process maps, we have posted links below to a variety of examples, including the revenue cycle map that Rick and Tricia displayed during the presentation.

We hope these examples will give you some useful ideas if you are thinking about launching a process mapping or process improvement project.

For further information about anything on this page, please contact Scott Helmers.

Rick Rein and Tricia Lanzel
Mayo Clinic
Scott Helmers
Harvard Computing Group

Mayo Clinic Revenue Cycle TaskMap

Rick Rein and Tricia Lanzel described this map and the process they used to create during our presentation at HFMA. We have published the map to the web so you can view it, follow the hyperlinks and learn about Mayo's approach to mapping the revenue cycle.

Please note that many of the Tasks in the Mayo revenue cycle map contain Guidelines and Controls that are hyperlinked to specific pages or paragraphs in Word documents (note the hyperlink indicators in the image at the left). Consequently, someone using the revenue cycle map is only a click away from viewing supporting documentation. Click on the image at left to view the complete map, then click on any of the hyperlinked objects to view the supporting documentation.

Sarbanes-Oxley Cash Management

Whether you work for a public corporation that is required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, or, like the Mayo Clinic, choose to comply voluntarily, this sample map shows how SOX best practices for cash management can be represented in a TaskMap.

Sales Proposal Process

You can download this TaskMap sample for viewing in Visio. The download file contains both the sales proposal process TaskMap and a Word document describing the key features of the map, including the use of hyperlinks that take the viewer directly to specific locations inside relevant Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Linking from a TaskMap to specific locations inside documents means that people using your TaskMaps don't waste anytime looking for information -- your hyperlinks take them directly to a specific sentence or spreadsheet cell.

You can view this TaskMap sample with just Microsoft Visio. However, if you would like to make changes to the sales process map, you can download a free, fully-functional evaluation copy of TaskMap on our download page.

Replacing a Toilet

This may seem like an unusual example, but if you've ever needed to document a manual procedure and have struggled to do so concisely yet effectively, take a look at this TaskMap. The simple-to-read map has been enhanced with graphics and detailed instructions. It eplaces 1200 words of text in the original vendor's documentation and is far easier to use.

In this example you'll see how TaskMap and a few graphics can replace reams of text found in a typical Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document.

Service Desk Management

Managing the Service Desk is a fundamental part of providing excellent customer service. In the early 1990s, the UK government established guidelines for delivery of IT services, including the IT service desk, and published their recommendations as the IT Information Library (ITIL). Since that time, ITIL has been enhanced several times and has been adopted worldwide, in both government and industry, as a key set of best practices for service delivery.

Harvard Computing Group created thisTaskMap Service Desk sample from Microsoft's ITIL-based service desk guidelines. You will find more information about this ITIL map and others in HCG's free ITIL seminar.

TaskMap Evaluation Software

To download a free, fully-functional evaluation copy of TaskMap or to view a demonstration of TaskMap or TaskMap Professional, please visit our download page.

Please note that because TaskMap is an add-in for Microsoft Visio, you must have a copy of Visio on your computer before you can install TaskMap. TaskMap Standard will run with Visio 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003; TaskMap Professional requires Visio 2013 (32-Bit Pro), 2010 (32-Bit Pro or Premium), or 2007 (Pro).

Twenty Questions

During Harvard Computing Group's presentation we discussed a list of twenty questions to ask during a process capture project -- key questions to ask when you are capturing knowledge about a process in order to document it. If you would like a copy you can download the list of questions.

HFMA Presentation

If you missed our presentation at HFMA's 2008 ANI: The Healthcare Finance Conference, you can download a copy of our slides.