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How to Buy and Sell on eBay

Bid on a Item

  1. Once you decide to bid on the item is time to get the maximum that. EBay allows you to enter your maximum bid, which eBay will use that bid as a proxy bid. Proxy bidding means that eBay will increase your bid and other eBay users and on that item until your maximum bid has been reached. If the current bid exceeds your maximum bid then you must go back to searching for an item.

  2. Once you have determined what your max bid will be, you must enter your maximum bid. Once you have entered your maximum bid click on 'Place Bid.'

  3. Once you have entered your maximum bid you must confirm your bid. Be sure to check that the number you entered is correct; misplacing a decimal point can be a pricing mistake. Once you have clicked on the 'Confirm Bid,' you have entered into a binding agreement to purchase the item if you win the auction.

  4. If the bid you have placed becomes a highest bid, you will be notified that your current high bidder. Through proxy bidding, the bid that you have are currently at may be very close your maximum bid, if this is case it's time to re-evaluate your maximum bid. If you decide to raise your maximum bid return to step 2.

  5. If you decide to keep your maximum bid the same move onto monitoring the item. eBay provides the option of receivingoutbid notices through e-mail or SMS. Watching the item during the final moments of bidding will ensure that you can be the high bidder and win the auction. Once you have won the item through bidding it is time to make payment.

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