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How to Buy and Sell on eBay

Buy an Item

Once you decide to purchase an item, there are a couple considerations to make before buying that item.

  1. First thing you must do is to consider who your seller is. Important things to note are; your seller's feedback scorehim him, the percentage of positive feedback, and how long they've been a member of eBay. E-mail provides a star method of identifying the best sellers to purchase from. If you decide you're uncomfortable with the seller, go back to searching for items.

  2. If you decide that your seller seems reputable you must select the method of payment. Ensure that your willing to use the method of payment specified by the seller. PayPal is the number one preferred method of payment on eBay. Other forms of payment include credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), money order, cashiers check, or personal check.

  3. Before you make your final purchase review; the product description, the shipping details, the payment instructions, and the return policy. Ensure that nothing within the details changes your mind on bidding on the item. While reviewing the shipping details pay attention to; the price of shipping, the services that are available, the shipping insurance costs, and the shipping availability. While reviewing pay attention to the preferred method of payment and other method that are available. Review the return policy see how many days after purchase can the item be returned what is the method of refund and any other return policy details. If for any reason you question the details regarding the item or payment, go back to searching for a new item.

  4. Once you review the product details send any questions you may have regarding the item to the seller. You can ask questions regarding the item or the seller's policies. Asking
  5. question this is a useful method of getting to know the seller prior to making the transaction. Space the response time and the quality of the response is a good gauge of how safe the sale will go.

  6. Once you have sent any questions you might have, and received answers that makes you comfortable with the seller it is time to decide whether to bid on the item or, if available, to 'Buy It Now'. The 'Buy It Now' option allows you to skip the bidding process and purchase the item for a specified price. Once bidding has begun on the item the 'Buy It Now' option will become unavailable. Consider the time left on the option when deciding whether to bid or 'Buy It Now.' If an item has just very little time left in the auction until close, you will probably win the item cheaper through bidding then using the 'Buy It Now' option. If you decide to use the bid option continue to the bid on an item process. If you decide to use the 'Buy It Now' option continue to step six.

  7. Buy an item using the 'Buy It Now' option. Click on 'Buy It Now' and confirm the purchase on the preceding page. Continue to the make payment process.

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