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How to Buy and Sell on eBay

Create an eBay Account

  1. Go to the eBay home

  2. Click on 'Register'

  3. Enter your contact information in the 'Tell us about you box'
    • Make sure to enter a current email address so you can retrieve lost passwords

  4. Choose your user ID and password
    • Select a username that is appropriate, this is what your other ebayers will know you as
    • Password must be at least 6 characters/numbers
    • Save this information to a document and save this information in a secure location

  5. Agree to User Agreement and Privacy Policy
    • User Agreement
    • Privacy Policy
    • EBay will automatically send you a confirmation email once you click 'Register'

  6. Open email and click on 'Activate Now'
    • This will activate your account and open your ebay account in a new window

  7. If the 'Activate Now' did not load eBay website; follow the directions in the email

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