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How to Buy and Sell on eBay

Search for Items - Part 1

  1. Decide whether to use keyword search or to browse by category
    • Keyword search is the quickest and simplest way to find a specific item;
    • By browsing by category is useful when searching for the lowest price on a generic item

Keyword Search Selected

  1. Enter keyword(s) in seach box
    • Using muliple keywords will help reduce the number of unintented results found
    • Multiple keywords may hinder chances of finding the item if seller used different keywords in the listing title

  2. Select category
    • If unsure leave this as its default (All Categories)
    • Click on 'Search' once a category has been chosen

  3. If items are found matching your search terms you will be redirected to the search results page. If no results are found eBay will give you suggestions for other search keywords similar to yours. Click on the new keywords to redirect to a new results page, or go back and reenter new keywords into the search.

Browse by category

  1. Click on 'Categories' on the top menu bar
    • Click on 'Categories' on the top menu bar

  2. Select a category
    • Click on 'More' at the bottom of each sub-category list to see more sub-categories
    • Select a main category: Redirects browser to the page listing all sub-categories for that category
    • Select a sub-category: Redirects browser to the search results for that sub-category
    • Not all sub-categories will be listed

  3. If you did not originally select a subcategory; select one now

  4. Review search results. If too many results were found to go through to found what your looking for, then refer to keyword search to eliminate the unwanted results. If the wrong category was selected go back and select the correct category
    • Was the item found?
    • Was the wrong category chosen?
    • Were too many results found?

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