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eTOM - Assurance


How these maps were created

  1. Review the existing eTOM materials. The shear size and complexity of the eTOM framework makes it almost impossible for a single person to all the processes involved in the Framework. For this reason to create a better understanding of how the framework breaks down it is necessary to work from the highest level .

  2. Create a Level 0 dashboard. The Level 0 dashboard gives a macro view of the entire eTOM process; each Task on the dashboard although then given its own sub-process due to the shear size of the entire eTOM Process Framework, only the Assurance Hierarchy was mapped out for this example.

  3. Create Hierarchy Level 1 dashboard for the Assurance Hierarchy. Due to the size and complexity of Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) Process Framework it is necessary to create yet another dashboard. 

  4. Create Hierarchy Level 2 dashboards for the Assurance Hierarchy. The Level 2 of the Assurance Hierarchy is comprised of 4 sections: Customer Relationship Management, Service Management & Operations, Resource Management & Operations, Supplier/Partner Relationship Management. Each of these Hierarchies require their own dashboard

  5. Define processes in Hierarchy Level 3. Each process in the eTOM Process Framework is mapped out to Hierarchy Level 3, although in reality Hierarchy Level 3 is yet another dashboard to the individual processes themselves (although each individual process was not mapped out in the example).

  6. Link Tasks to process details. A lot of information provided in the eTOM Process Framework cannot be displayed on a process map, so linking to the underlying data with give anyone using the process map access to all the information included in the eTOM Process Framework. (Only CRM - SUpport and Readiness Hierarchy was linked to underlying data to show how this would be accomplished)

  7. Define hyperlinks and Connectors. This involved created hyperlinks from each Task on each Dashboard to next Level dashboard and double-checking that each connector leads to the correct dashboard. Since the eTOM Process Framework Assurance process map does not map out to the process level, Tasks and Connectors are only linked to the pages and not Tasks. Each of these was in turn labeled to make it easy for the reader of web published versions of the maps.

  8. Publish eTOM map to the web. Once the entire map is complete and all hyperlinks are added, it is ready for web publishing. At this point, we can tailor the map to individual needs. If it is not necessary to show parts of the map (i.e. Roles, Task Link IDs, Guidelines, Resources, etc) these options can be turned off on the web-based version.

Click on the image below to view the Process Map in HTML format

View the eTOM Process in HTML format

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View the eTOM Process in HTML format