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ITIL Change Management Best Practice Process Maps

The ITIL Best Practice Maps for Change Management are a great way to help jumpstart your ITIL® projects. Harvard Computing Group offers this package of ITIL Change Management TaskMaps® that covers all aspects of these important processes. The Best Practice Maps are designed for you to use in either of two ways:

  1. To provide a starting point in the implementation of ITIL compatible Change Management based on Best Practices
  2. To deploy and modify these Best Practice Maps f or internal organization deployment. Available for immediate download after purchase.

The package includes:

A complete set of nine linked TaskMaps: ready-to-use ITIL process maps for the entire Change Management process including: Request for Change (RFC) Development process, RFC Screening, Change Management Review, Minor Process, Change Advisory Board Process (2 processes), Change Approval, and Change Advisory Board Approval processes.

An electronic copy of the Microsoft Word Change Management best practices document that was used to develop the TaskMaps.

Fully hyperlinked TaskMaps to allow web publishing of the ITIL processes.

Each package includes:

1. The Change Management and Resolution Best Practice Maps which contain:

  • Change Management Dashboard: providing a high level view of each major process. Includes hyperlinks to each of the following processes:

  • Request for Change Process: All aspects of an ITIL compliant environment including: create request for change (RFC), assess urgency and impact on infrastucture, assign priority for RFC, assign category to RFC, and define category resources. (Includes links all relevant best practice details)

  • RFC Screening Process: All relevant tasks for an effective classification process including: screen RFC for approval, update change log, screen RFC, Update change log, set RFC status to pending and add additional required information and resubmit.

  • Change Management Review Process: ITIL guided process that includes optional paths show review priority, change priority level, update change log, and send RFC to approval process.

  • Minor Change Process: Every task for the Minor Change process is included here, including: decide whether to approve RFC, update change log, Contact initiator to obtain additional required information, add additional required information and close RFC.

  • Change Advisory Board Process: select CAB Members, send meeting notification, define voting logic for CAB approval, update change log, Ensure required quorum of voters present, reschedule RFC review, Present RFC at CAB meeting, update change log, set RFC status to pending, vote on RFC approval, and update change log. Can be easily modified to meet your requirements.

  • CAB/EC Approval Review: includes select CAB/EC membership, Contact CAB/EC members regarding emergency RFC, present RFC to CAB/EC, reclassify RFC, resubmit RFC as emergency, collect additional information , CAB/EC votes on RFC, and update change log.

  • Change Approved Process: This process includes: decide when to deploy change, add change to forward schedule of changes, appoint a change owner and update change log.

The Best Practice TaskMap is available in Visio 2013, 2010, & 2007 format. In order to edit or modify the maps, a copy of TaskMap is required. In addition, if you wish to distribute these maps in their current form or modified versions of your ITIL TaskMaps within your organization, please refer to the organization license (TMITIL04) below.

(Consultants wishing to distribute ITIL maps to their clients should contact Harvard Computing Group at 978-800-4590 option 7 or sales@harvardcomputing.com.)

2. An online training session to review the ITIL Best Practice Map details for your staff

3. The Microsoft Operations Framework ITIL Extensions reference documentation.

* Included with the organization license TMITIL08

Organization license (for unlimited internal use with modification rights) TMITIL04 $2000

Organization license TMITIL08 $2000

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ITIL Change Management Best Practice Maps
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View the Change Management Process in HTML format
View the Change Management Process in HTML format

Learn more about ITIL Processes with this short video explanation
Learn more about ITIL Processes with this short video explanation