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ITIL Service Desk Best Practice Process Maps

The Service Desk Best Practice Maps contain:

The Service Desk Best Practice Maps contain:

  • A complete set of 14 linked ready-to-use ITIL process maps for the entire Service Desk processes. Download the datasheet

  • Service Desk Dashboard: Provides a high-level view of each major process. Includes hyperlinks to each of the following processes.

  • Operate Service Desk: All aspects of an ITIL compliant environment including: Managing the Service Desk, communicating with customers, (sub-process) performing service desk processes, promoting and marketing the service desk operation (sub-process), managing costs andcost recovery (sub-process) and preparation of reports (sub-process). (Includes links all relevant best practice details)

  • Communicating with customers: All relevant tasks for an effective classification process including: Selecting method of communication, providing a channel for proactively providing information and integrating service management functions with service management tools

  • Promote and market Service Desk: ITIL guided process that includes paths showing the following tasks: Identify and understand customer's requirements, delineate the functions provided by the service desk, determine how to convey the information to customers, determine what information to communicate and determine when to communicate information

  • Managing Costs and Recovery: Every task for Managing and Recovering Costs are included here: Isolate specific cost categories associated with operating the service desk, organize all expenses and assign to appropriate category, create cost-per-person analysis and create an activity-based allocation analysis.

  • Preparing Reports: Select the type of report, determine report frequency, include proactive service reports and ensure report accuracy. Each ofthese can be easily modified to meet your requirements

  • Monitoring: The monitoring process includes the following tasks and details: Determine which items the service desk will monitor, determine the demand on the service desk, determine responsiveness time, monitor accuracy, measure productivity, track by issue and get service desk certified

  • Optimize Service Desk: Review service desk operation, optimize processes, determine outsource requirements, optimize staff levels, optimize staff skills, optimize physical workspace, optimize technology, and review and optimize monitoring

  • Determining Outsource Requirements: Determine cost considerations, establish the requirement, publish a request for information, request vendor bids, evaluate bids and monitor quality of outsourced support.

  • Optimizing Staff Levels: Forecast staff requirements, determine demand basics, determine staffing quantification, determine utilization rate, predict the staffing requirements for each category, perform common-sense evaluation of staffing forecast and build a hiring plan

  • Optimizing Staff Skills: Ensure staff have basic service desk skills, provide training of personal skills and determine technical skills required

  • Optimizing Physical Workspace: Consider location of service desk, ensure sufficient space for equipment and consideration as whether toinclude a common area

  • Optimizing Technology: Check features and configuration of telephone system, ensure all staff have required standard equipment, implement diagnostic equipment, provide technical resources and implement software tools

  • Reviewing and Optimizing Monitoring and Reporting: Ensure relevant information is being monitored, ask customers if the reports on their services are adequate, ask service desk personnel what type of information callers ask them, ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are appropriate, ensure monitoring frequency is correct, ensure appropriate amount of information is being collected, ensure reporting frequency is correct, ensure monitored information is being distributed correctly and ensure information is being presented in a suitable format

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Buy the ITIL Service Desk Management Process Maps
Buy the ITIL Service Desk Management Process Maps

View the ITIL Service Desk Process in HTML format View the ITIL Service Desk Process in HTML format

Learn more about ITIL Processes with this short video explanation
Learn more about ITIL Processes with this short video explanation