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Business Process Management Skills: What's in it for Me?


CIO Insight

CIO Insight top priorities for 2009
Improving processes is now the #1 priority for CIOs in North American according to CIO Insight magazine. If it's the top of your bosses list, then this should be a skill worth adding.

A potential pay raise

Business Process Management is a skill worth having:

“Management/methodology/process skills pay leapt upward by 5.6 percent.”*

Business Process Management is one of the most indemand skills in our current economic climate, so why wouldn't you want a pay raise and a means to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive job market.

* Foote Partners' IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index

Your value to the organization will increase

  • TaskMap will provide a transparent and simple means to communicate even the most complex instructions, project plan and processes. Providing you with a means to make recommendations, communicate processes more effectively and gain concensus.

  • Many of those who introduced TaskMap into the organization have been promoted as a result of the improvements TaskMap brought to the organization. (Of course we cannot guarantee your promotion, but we do guarantee the software.)

  • Your understanding of how the organization does business will improve. Providing you with opportunities to recommend changes across departments and teams.

  • Money can be saved by reducing paperwork, shortening learning and education costs for a factor of 10, and cutting calls to "the expert with the answer". If you drive some of the these programs you will get the credit for them.

  • Each of our training courses provides CEU (Continuing Education Units), helping you meet annual requirements for training and personal development

Can you explain the benefits so my non-technical boss will understand?

  1. TaskMap’s simple and unique visual format alleviates the need for reports, complex documents and auxiliary instructions used to complete the task. TaskMap meets all of these requirements in a single model everyone can understand instantly. See the TaskMap Legend that explains all.

  2. It creates a simple to navigate web interface to underlying documents, resources and programs needed to complete tasks successfully. No database or programming required, publishing takes only seconds. (Competitors require special viewers, database and lots of IT support to make it happen, TaskMap doesn't). See a web published TaskMap for yourself.

  3. Depending on the competition being considered, TaskMap is considerably less expensive than most. In the current economic situation, a quick Return on Investment is achieved. (We have a price advantage and a low cost high performance support model to support it.)

  4. The software is very easy to use, making enterprise wide use, adoption and support much less expensive than other complex solutions. It also creates a much larger opportunity for deployment, as anyone in the organization can be taught to use it. (Think the spreadsheet but for processes!) See how it works in only minutes from now.

  5. Our competition does not have a unique and simple visual model that everyone can understand. Ours was based on years of industrial change management consulting, which has been generalized into the software product to allow anyone to use the system. Competitors are focused on features, not usability and communication of the output from their system. If you don’t understand the process map you can’t effectively communicate it, or move onto improve it. Say goodbye to complex maps.

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