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Who should attend

  • Managers and executives
  • Business Process Owners
  • Small business owners
  • Aspiring Project Managers
  • Software evaluation teams
Michael J. Cunningham
Mike Cunningham
CEO of the Harvard Computing Group

"It's a BPM Tour-de-force - in half a day I learned more than I could have in two years of trial and error!"

Tom Koulopoulos, CEO of the Delphi Group
Tom Koulopoulos CEO of the Delphi Group

"The Bootcamp has information and content that goes beyond most BPM content that I have reviewed. Fast paced and to the point. Thanks for a couple of fine classes"

- Bill Waites

"Whether you have been mapping processes for years or you plan to in the future, BPM Boot camp will answer any questions you might have. Additionally, any process specific question you might have during the webinar will be answered via live chat and during the presentation. Tom and Mike are definitely world class experts in the consultant field and specialists in Business Process Management."

John Jackson
Management Training Specialist,
Archer Daniels Midland

Process Training Programs >> Business Process Mapping Bootcamp

Business Process Management Bootcamp 101 & 201

The Core Competencies You Need to Succeed with Business Process Management

Starting at $250 per person per course for early registration. 0.4 CEUs/day

What's in it for me and my organization?

  • Award winning authors share their "proven action plans" for your BPM project or plans. Best practices and tools for processes and strategy to get the job done will be yours.
  • Learn how to plan, deliver and manage a BPM project and use industry standard process software in only two half days!
  • Raise your profile and skills to improve communication between workgroups and any project that includes Change Management, Quality or Efficiency requirements.

Overview and what you will learn

The BPM Bootcamp and Certification are Thoroughly Unique Experiences - BPM 101 & BPM 201.
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The BPM Bootcamp offers you the added benefit of attending a world-class event. You will learn about the best practices in BPM, the likely pitfalls, the methods to ensure your organization's success, how to map a business process and the trends that will influence your decisions about BPM.

BPM 101 is a great introduction for just about anyone who needs to understand the concepts mapping tools and methods, and communication of a BPM project. As a result you will be able to:

  • Map business processes and publish them to the web so everyone understands them
  • Start your own process documentation project with TaskMap software
  • Use your own staff to capture and communicate instructions with clarity

BPM 201 provides a great framework to start improving your own processes. All attendees will be able to:

  • Analyze existing processes to increase quality, compliance and efficiency
  • Identify areas ripe for improvement and apply best practices to improve them
  • Run your own Process Improvement workbook inside your organization
  • Learn how to create a culture of innovation and change within your team

New! As part of the Bootcamp, you will also have the opportunity to gain certification in core BPM Methods by taking an exam after you complete both parts of the online BPM Bootcamp.

Each workshop includes

  • 0.4 CEUs for continued education and optional BPM Certification
  • Industry leaders presenting state of the art best practice materials in a engaging and entertaining format
  • Visio based TaskMap software for documenting (BPM 101) and improving (BPM 201)
  • Templates, ROI calculators, examples and all course material for personal reference

BPM Bootcamp:

The BPM (Business Process Management) Bootcamp consists of two half day sessions (BPM 101 and BPM 201).

BPM Bootcamp sessions are now On-demand (NEW) for a single price of $495 USD

BPM-101 - Anytime 24/7

BPM-201 - Anytime 24/7

Join us for the definitive education on BPM, best practices, mapping, analysis, and high-leverage techniques for deploying BPM.

Learn how BPM is being used today to build agile, real-time enterprises. From the daunting challenges of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to the day-to-day challenges of managing business events, this Delphi/Harvard Computing Group BPM Bootcamp provides a detailed overview of the business and technology issues behind BPM.

As part of the Bootcamp, you will also have the opportunity to gain certification in core BPM methods by taking an exam after you complete both parts of the online BPM Bootcamp. We will also provide you with a bonus of process mapping software and examples that you can apply if you are using Visio for process applications.

Outline BPM 101 (See Complete Agenda)


Additional Information

For more information about becoming a process expert or using TaskMap software and templates call us at:

978 800 4590 Option 7or email sales@harvardcomputing.com

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Learn the fundamentals of Publishing Policies and Procedures with TaskMap in this one hour webinar.

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