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TaskMap is an environmentally friendly product

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You can’t beat the simplicity and ease-of-use of TaskMap, according to Scott, both for people creating maps and for those using them. “TaskMap does what it advertises.” And the simplicity is saving him money – he estimates that it takes 60-120 person-hours to document each of Synagro’s processes and would take much longer with any other solution. Scott is confident that the documentation they are creating using TaskMap will make the final compliance audits very smooth. “If your auditors can’t use your documentation to follow your process, they will fail you. The combination of TaskMap and our controls repository will make the walkthrough very straightforward.”

Karl Scott
Synagro in Houston



Thank you for your interest in TaskMap Lite. Unfortunately, in an effort to consolidate development resources for the continual improvement of our other software Products, TaskMap Lite is no longer available for download.

This area of our site has been left up in order to serve as a reference for Customers still using TaskMap Lite.

Welcome to the TaskMap Lite Resource Center

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Introducing TaskMap® Lite

TaskMap® Lite draws on the seven-year heritage of TaskMap® Standard and TaskMap® Professional but is available at no cost to your organization. And it even includes FREE self-paced training. We are confident you will find TaskMap Lite to be the most effective means to create, communicate and improve your business processes.

Document and publish processes in minutes!

TaskMap® Lite offers the simplest, fastest way to document work procedures. We’re so confident that TaskMap Lite will satisfy your process mapping needs that we are giving it away. Literally, it is FREE!

Reduces training and communication costs by a factor of 10

Cuts staff learning time about processes and procedures from days to hours. Little or no learning curve.

The simplest and most cost effective process improvement solution in the marketplace

Everyone can participate, communicate and improve. You can achieve strategic results because the software is simple to use and the resulting process maps are easy to read and understand.

TaskMap Lite is now available at no cost.

Simply use it with any edition of Visio 2003 or Visio 2007.

Download the TaskMap Lite Data Sheet PDF

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How TaskMap® Lite works with Microsoft® Office® products

TaskMap Lite is a software add-in to create process maps for Microsoft Visio® 2003 and 2007. Once installed TaskMap integrates fully with Microsoft Office Visio® and can be used to create all supported Microsoft® Office® Products including:

- Microsoft Office Word® (jpg, gif and png formats)
- Microsoft Office Excel® (for reports)
- Visio® (vsd and vst)
- Microsoft Office PowerPoint® (jpg format)
- Microsoft Office OneNote® (tablet computing)
- Save as web page (for integration to Microsoft SharePoint®)


TaskMap Lite Self-Paced Training

  1. Adding Tasks to a Page
    Learn how to use TaskMap® Lite to automatically lay out your Task shapes, as well as the easy drag and drop method of manually laying out Tasks.

  2. Filling in Task and Task Link Information
    Learn how to use the TaskMap methodology to populate process data

  3. Customize Role Names
    Learn how to customize your role list by adding, editing and deleting roles. Learn how TaskMap will apply the changes to your process map.

  4. Hyperlinks
    Learn to create hyperlinks from Tasks and Supporting Roles to email addresses and other pages in a TaskMap. You will also learn how to create page-to-page links using Connectors.

  5. Renumbering Tasks
    Learn how to change your Task letter(s) and how to renumber the Tasks on a page.

  6. Web Publishing
    Learn how to publish your TaskMaps as web pages so you can use and distribute your processes through any web browser. You will also learn how to use the special features available with a web-published TaskMap.

  7. Creating Role Reports
    Learn how to use TaskMap Lite’s reporting feature to create a role report for your process maps.

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