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Process Mapping Articles

Process Mapping Articles

Analyzing the contents of documented processes.

As Winston Churchill once quipped, “I am sorry this letter is so long, but I didn’t have time to pen a short one”. I probably mangled that quote, but his point was important. The more precise and concise we want our message to be, the more effort it takes. Advertising executives understand this perfectly. It’s the reason we pay them a lot of money to come up with tag lines and messages which are memorable and clear...Read Article

CIO Insight top priorities for 2009

Increasing your value with Business Process Management skills

Improving processes is now the #1 priority for CIOs in North American according to CIO Insight magazine. If it's the top of your bosses list, then this should be a skill worth adding.

Business Process Management is one of the most in demand skills in our current economic climate, so why wouldn't you want a pay raise and a means to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive job market.Read Article

The flowchart and TaskMap

Documenting Processes and Instructions

Process Maps which are often lumped into the flowchart category are more visual in nature. While you will see differing definitions, at their core they are all Task oriented, the tasks being the work elements in the process, and usually represented by symbols showing actions, actions and the connections, relationships and outcomes between them.Read Article


Dave Garrett - President and CEO of Gantthead.com Michael J. Cunningham - Established Author and President of the Harvard Computing Group

Dave Garrett (Gantthead.com CEO) interviews Michael J. Cunningham (President of the Harvard Computing Group) about Process Mapping

In hard times, industry experts always tell us to focus on process improvements with an eye toward cost reduction and competitive advantage. If you think about it, that approach makes a lot of sense in that it usually involves relatively small financial investments. It also lets you record some of the “know-how” that’s all pent up inside of your employees. It’s really one of the best ways you can “do more with less”. However, many companies that intend to revamp processes end up not doing it. Why is that?Read Article

Generate Leads

Generate Sales Leads

"When leads are generated through online web advertising the first step is the prospect creates an inquiry from a web source. Once the inquiry is captured, a web form is distributed to capture the prospects contact information. The web form might also include a contact me request, free trial, and event registration. The Sales Representative then captures and categories the leads and sets up the response..."Read Article

Optimize Lead Flow

Optimize Lead Flow

"The Sales Representative receives leads generated and reviews open leads. In order to effectively manage your leads it is best to set up your leads. Today's leads are generally sorted by lead type. Once leads are reviewed the Sales Representative checks for duplicate leads..."Read Article

Open Opportunities

Managing Open Opportunities

"The Sales Representative is responsible for monitoring all leads needing monitoring using Salesforce... On leads are tracked and prioritized, the Sales Representative then creates a sales presentation. You can customize Salesforce to fit your internal sales methodologies and processes, thereby making it easier to monitor your sales pipeline. Once a sales presentation is created, the Sales Representative creates a proposal..."Read Article

Prepare Proposal for New Prospect

Prepare Proposal for New Prospect

"The Sales Representative determines the type of proposal needed based on the organization's sales manual. When the proposal type is identified, the Sales Administrator selects the proposal template from the organization's proposal template library..."Read Article