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About Duke Energy and TaskMap

Duke Energy uses TaskMap Standard Edition. This page is designed to provide contact information for new users for training, licensing and technical support for the product line. If you are using or want to use the product at Duke Energy, please contact the following individuals first.

Contact information at Duke Energy

Procurement and TaskMap liaison contact
Ruby Jacobs (email and telephone number to be added when permission is granted)

Ruby is responsible for co-ordination, tracking and ensuring the effective use of the TaskMap product at Duke Energy. You will need to contact her if you want to use TaskMap for any application. Ruby can co-ordinate the following:

  • Help you obtain access to a TaskMap Standard Edition Licence
  • Transfer current licenses to new users or replacement licenses (due to reformatted hard drives or computer changes)

Technical contact(s) First Last name (Telephone and email to be added here when permission is granted). First Last name will provide technical and installation assistance for TaskMap. If you are new to TaskMap, please contact First Last name first, before requesting installation support.

Vendor contact information for TaskMap (Harvard Computing Group)

Technical and training support 978 800 4590 OPTION 8 or email: support@taskmap.com

Sales support 978 800 4590 OPTION 7 or email: sales@taskmap.com

Installation support contact 978 800 4590 OPTION 8 or email: support@taskmap.com

Account manager and training co-ordination contact
Michael Cunningham email: mcunningham@harvardcomputing.com Call (1) 978 800 4590 ex 101

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