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Salesforce.com Integration

Optimize Lead Flow

  • The Sales Representative receives leads generated and reviews open leads. In order to effectively manage your leads it is best to set up your leads. Today's leads are generally sorted by lead type.

  • Once leads are reviewed the Sales Representative checks for duplicate leads. Using the "find duplicate lead" button you an search for similar leads in current contacts in the Salesforce database. If any duplicate leads are found, merge the two records.

    • Use AppExchange to find high volume duplication and cleansing solutions

  • Once the duplicate leads are sorted, the Sales Representative sets up the working lead task sequence for a follow up cycle. Example sequence as follows:

    • Day 1 - Personalized mass email
    • Day 2 - Call/Voicemail
    • Day 4 - Call/Voicemail
    • Day 7 -Personalized mass email
  • Once the task sequence is established, the Sales Representative then establishes contact with the prospect. This task is repeated until contact is made.

  • Use email marketing and call downs to re-market your archived leads

  • Once contact is made, the Sales Representative qualifies the contact. This involves creating a set of qualification questions (i.e. situation, product of interest, timeframe, key decision makers), converting the lead into a contact, and then adding the associated opportunity and account to the contact.

  • Once the contact is qualified it moves into the next stage - Manage open opportunities

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