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Salesforce.com Integration

Prepare Proposal for New Prospect

  • The Sales Representative determines the type of proposal needed based on the organization's sales manual.

  • When the proposal type is identified, the Sales Administrator selects the proposal template from the organization's proposal template library.

  • The Sales Administrator populates the template with the prospect data and enters the data into the CRM System.
  • Once the prospect data is added, the Sales Representative customizes the boilerplate text based on guidelines in the sales manual.

  • Once the boilerplate is customized, the Sales Representative with the assistance of the Sales Manager and the Team Leader.

  • With the proposal text complete, The Sales Representative with assistance of the Team Leader determines the pricing based on guidelines outlined in the organization's Price Book.

  • The Sales Representative submits the pricing to the Sales Manager for approval. If the pricing is rejected or more information is required, the Sales Manager returns the pricing to the Sales Representative to be edited.
  • Once pricing is approved, the Sales Administrator with the assistance of the SalesManager determines whether a pricing override is required. If the Sales Administrator determines a pricing override is required, he submits the pricing override to the Vice President of Sales for approval. If the pricing override is rejected pricing proposal is sent back to the Sales Manager for Pricing Approval.

  • If the pricing override is approved, he Sales Representative is responsible, the Sales Representative finalizes the proposal document with the assistance of the Team Leader

  • The Sales Administrator sends the completed proposal document to the prospect.

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