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Salesforce Best Practice Process Maps

The Salesforce Best Practice Maps are a great way to help planning and implementing your CRM projects. Harvard Computing Group offers this package of Salesforce TaskMaps® that covers all aspects of these important processes. The Best Practice Maps are designed for you to use in either of two ways:

  1. To provide a starting point in planning and implementing a Salesforce strategy based on Best Practices.
  2. To deploy and modify these Best Practice Maps for internal organization deployment. Available for immediate download after purchase.

The Salesforce Integration Template includes:

A complete set of twenty-nine linked TaskMaps: ready-to-use SalesForce process maps for the entire SalesForce planning and implementation process including:

These maps are based of Salesforce online integration manual

Fully hyperlinked TaskMaps to allow web publishing of the SalesForce processes.

The SalesForce Best Practice Maps which contain:

  • Plan and Implement Dashboard: providing a high level view of each major process. Includes hyperlinks to each of the following processes:
  • Prepare for SalesForce Implementation: All necessary aspects to pave the road to a success SalesForce strategy including: Team building; Defining the company’s vision; Prioritizing goals; Developing a rollout plan; Defining key process aspects; Aligning processes for CRM functionality; Defining which reports to use; Training; Communicating with end users. (Includes links to all relevant best practice details)
  • Set up SalesForce CRM: All relevant tasks for a smooth integration of the existing resources including: Setting up a company profile; Establishing user access and permissions; Customizing SalesForce CRM; Adding users; Importing data.
  • Engage Process: The nuts and bolts of a successful SalesForce integration: Developing a training strategy; Increasing user adoption. 
  • Extend Process: Increase the potential of your SalesForce solution by introducing additional functionality, managing data and leveraging the SalesForce supportive community.

Derived from Getting Started Implementation Guide from Salesforce.com

Web Published Salesforce Maps

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