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Prepare for Implementation

All Tasks in Bold contain their own subprocesses.


  • Build a Team
  • Define your company's vision
    • Designate a executive sponsor
    • Designate a project owner
    • Designate a system administrator
    • Designate Key Power Users
  • Define and prioritize your goals
    • Define your goals
    • Prioritize your goals
  • Develop your rollout plan
    • Import accounts and existing pipeline
    • Introduce a Chatter group
    • Upload existing leads
    • Introduce campaign management
    • Launch competitive intelligence Chatter groups
    • Begin tracking customer issues
    • Launch forecasting to the sales team
  • Define key aspects of your process
    • Develop an understanding of Salesforce CRM terminology
    • Outline key characteristics of your business processes
    • Define and develop a visual overview of your own process
    • Clarify what happens at each step
    • Map your processes to Salesforce CRM
  • Map your process to Salesforce CRM functionality
    • Review the fields associated with the Opportunity process
    • Establish the names you give to your data elements
    • Establish the fields in Salesforce CRM
    • Map your ideal process to Salesforce CRM
  • Decide which reports you need
    • Revisit your goals
    • Complete the Reports that Match My Business Goals worksheet
    • Determine whether the standard reports are sufficient
    • Build custom reports
  • Train your administrator
  • Communicate with your end users
    • Create a Chatter group
    • Consolidate all materials, training resources, and conversation into one central location
    • Share key milestones and achievements
    • Communicate the difference their input made on the project's launch
    • Build anticipation


  • Implementation Team
  • System Administrator
  • Implementation Head
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Owner
  • Key Power Users
  • End Users

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