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Set Up Salesforce CRM

All Tasks in Bold contain their own subprocesses.


  • Set up your company profile
  • Establish user access and permissions
    • Configure organization-wide defaults
    • Determine the role hierarchy
    • Set up sharing rules
    • Set up manual sharing rules
  • Customize Salesforce CRM
    • Prepare to customize Salesforce CRM
    • Customize fields
    • Customize page layouts
    • Customize reports
    • Decide whether or not to use lead functionality
    • Customize Salesforce CRM to use Web-to-Lead functionality
  • Add users
    • Associate users to profiles
    • Generate log in invite
  • Import data
    • Prepare your data for import
    • Prepare your data
    • Import your final data


  • System Administrator
  • Implementation Team
  • End Users
  • Webmaster

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