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Process Training Programs >> Setting up Service Desk Best Practices

Create Help Desk Applications in Hours

Learn Service Desk Best Practices and How To Build Self-service Applications

Why Service (Help) Desks are Important and How To Improve Yours

Supporting products and services is a difficult challenge in today's environment. Keeping relevant information up to date, monitoring and improving service delivery and ensuring we meet quality standards all place huge demands on internal and external help desks.

Two factors can reduce this burden and increase the productivity and effectiveness of your operation: 1) imple-menting service desk best practices to improve your operation and 2) creating web-based, self-service applications. This FREE seminar will cover both of these areas.

After attending our seminar Create Help Desk Applications in Hours you will be able to:

    • Determine how to use Service Desk Best Practices based on the ITIL 3.0 Service Desk Standards including:
      • Operations
      • Monitoring
      • Reporting and optimization
    • Ensure all recipients understand your Service Desk processes the first time, without training
    • Learn how to build self-service applications in hours using TaskMap and built-in web-publishing tools
    • Save time and money in distributing the latest service and support information processes to your staff and clients

In this one-hour course you will learn the details of Service Desk best practices and how to create self-service maps with TaskMap and Microsoft Visio. During this on-line seminar, Harvard Computing Group will discuss some of the pitfalls and challenges of today's service desk practices. Using ITIL based process maps, they will review 14 key Service Desk processes including:Service Desk Dashboard, Operate Service Desk Process, Communicating with customers, Promote and market Service Desk, Managing Costs and Recovery Process, Preparing Reports Process, Monitoring Process, Optimize Service Desk Process, Determining Outsourcing Requirements, Optimizing Staff Levels Process, Optimizing Staff Skills Process, Optimizing Technology Process and Reviewing and Optimizing Monitoring and Reporting.

In addition to reviewing these processes and best practices, HCG will also illustrate how any organization can take their own service desk processes and create web-based self-service applications quickly and easily. The session will use self-service applications created for new buyers and sellers on eBay as an example of this process, clearly illustrating the ease and benefits of building these applications for maintenance, training and educational purposes.

Both the best practice maps and the software described during this session have been designed for use by experts and non-experts alike. After attending this session, both experienced managers and novices will be able to explain the benefits of best practices associated with service desk operations and understand the value of creating self-service applications.


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