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Simplified Process Mapping RoadMap

Improve Processes (Page 2 of 2)

Once the workshop is complete, the Project Manager should conduct a thorough review and if needed review the workshop results. Items should include:

  • Verification of Goals, Objectives and KPIs were met
  • Clearly document the impact of budget changes from the workshop

In the event that minor changes are required, continue the review and revision tasks until completed successfully

For major changes, it may be need to return to Task I05 (Prepare process improvement workshop) and prepare to re-run the workshop. Although drastic, it’s better than trying to either go forward with a poor implementation plan, or trying to force feed changes that will not meet business goals.

Assuming the results from the workshop are successful, then the next stage is to plan a “to be” pilot process. This will:

  • Test the assumptions against a broader workgroup to validate assumptions
  • Create a climate of “readiness for change” instead of rejection
  • Provide feedback that can be factored into the planned rollout...

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Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format

Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format