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Simplified Process Mapping RoadMap

Manage Processes

The first step for the Project Manager, Business Analysts and the Subject Matter Experts is to develop the roll-out plan for the new processes, taking all the input materials from the previous stages. Once the plan is complete, complete the communication and training plan using:

  • Newly defined guidelines and supporting materials, the revised process maps, updated organizational responsibilities and supporting KPIs and measurement tools

Once in place, the project is ready for prime time, and Release of the processes and staff training should commence. This will use all the supporting materials, resources and staff from the prior task.
Next, set up the monitoring and reporting processes with the Subject Matter Experts and Business Analyst.  The reports are then run, and dependent on the outcomes, may required to be further analyzed for improvement, or when no longer required are removed.

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Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format

Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format