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Adding Task Data

After you have created a reasonably accurate picture of a work process in your TaskMap, it is time to add supporting data to some of all of the Task shapes in your drawing. Additional details in your Task shapes help analysts or the people involved in a process to:

  • Understand the process
  • Find required resources
  • Determine who is involved
  • Comply with guidelines or regulations
  • Use tools, systems or other resources to complete the task
  • Estimate or calculate duration
  • Visualize how tasks and processes are interrelated
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements

You add Task details to your TaskMap by right-clicking on the Task shape and choosing the Define Task Details menu option. Doing so opens the following dialog box:

Task Details Dialog

See the description of the Task shape for details about each of the required and optional data fields shown in the illustration above. Note that the Prompt area at the bottom of the dialog box provides guidance about the purpose of each field.

The Task ID, Task Description and Responsible Role are listed as required fields because they are essential to understanding how a process functions. Note, however, that TaskMap does not check to ensure that data are actually entered into these fields.

In the example below we have added data to Tasks and Task Links in the map we began building in Arranging Tasks on the Page.

Data added to Tasks

To learn how to control which of these data elements are displayed on a TaskMap, refer to Task Link Display Options, Task Display On/Off and Task Display Options in the Toolbar section.