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Adjusting Drawing Page and Printer Page Size

TaskMap lets you take advantage of Visio’s capability to change the drawing page and printer page sizes independent of each other. For example, you can

  • create a drawing page that is larger than the printer page and have Visio automatically scale the drawing to fit on the printer page;
  • create a printer page that matches the size of a large format printer or plotter so you can print chart-sized TaskMaps;
  • automatically print a TaskMap on multiple printer pages to create a large-format mosaic to hang on a wall.

TaskMap includes two templates that accomplish the first point above; refer to The TaskMap Template.

To change either the drawing page size, printer page size or both, select File/Page Setup from the Visio main menu.

Print Setup – Choosing Printer Paper Size

The Print Setup tab allows you to change the size or orientation of the printer page. A pulldown list shows all of the paper sizes supported by your current printer. To change to a different printer, click the Setup button, which opens the Print Setup dialog, then click the Printer… button at the bottom of this dialog. Finally, select the desired printer from the pulldown list and click OK twice.

Page Size – Changing the Drawing Page

Use the Page Size tab to change the size of the drawing page. Normally the drawing page and printer page are the same size but you can use a larger drawing page to fit more shapes on a single sheet. Either select one of the pre-defined drawing page sizes, or choose a custom size.

Scaling to Fit the Printer Page

If you have selected a larger drawing page than printer page, the last step is to select the Print zoom, i.e., the percentage by which Visio will scale your drawing to fit in on the printer page. To do this, return to the Print Setup tab and either

  • Select a percentage from the pulldown list;
  • Type a percentage into the Adjust to box;
  • Select Fit to 1sheet across and 1 sheet down; or
  • Select Fit to and enter numbers into the across and down boxes.

You'll probably need to experiment to find just the right drawing page size, but a good rule of thumb is to pick dimensions that have the same width-to-height ratio as your printer page.


One of the standard TaskMap templates uses a 13x10 inch drawing page but prints on a North American standard 11x8½ inch page by using these settings: