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Relative Hyperlinking -- Move the Web Files

NOTE: This topic only applies if you are using Visio 2002 or 2003. You should skip this topic if you are using Visio 2007 or 2010.

This technique for publishing TaskMaps is based on the assumption that you have already added hyperlinks to your TaskMaps and want to publish them as web pages without rearranging the Windows directory structure. It involves moving the web files "up" one level in the Windows directory hierarchy so that all existing, relative hyperlinks will function properly (refer to Files Created by Save as Web Page, if needed).

In the directory tree shown below, the TaskMap called Payroll Process.vsd is stored in the folder Maps. The hyperlink targets are in the folder Documents, which is, in relative terms, one level "up" the directory hierarchy and two levels "down" from the hyperlink base folder Maps (see lavender arrows below left).

For the links in the web-published version of the TaskMap to function, the web hyperlink base folder Payroll Process_files (and its corresponding index page, Payroll Process.htm) must be placed into the directory structure so that the web folder is in the same relative position to the target documents. For this example we have achieved that by placing them into the same parent directory (Accounting Example 1) that also contains the folder Maps. Consequently, the path from the web hyperlink base folder is still "up one" and "down two" (see red arrows in diagram above right).

The hyperlink dialog below shows a link from the Payroll Process TaskMap to Human Resources Manual.doc using the directory structure shown above. Note that the Location field reflects the "one up, two down" path to the target document.

Although this approach solves the problem of keeping the TaskMap hyperlink base and the web hyperlink base at the same level in the directory hierarchy, it causes the index files and web hyperlink base folders to be scattered throughout the parent directory (look for the .htm files and _files directories in the illustrations above). It does not allow you to organize all of the published maps into a subfolder, which is often desirable.

An Alternative

For a different approach that allows you to organize web-published maps into a separate folder, refer to Relative Hyperlinking -- Move the TaskMaps .

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