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Relative Hyperlinking -- Move the TaskMaps

NOTE: This topic only applies if you are using Visio 2002 or 2003. You should skip this topic if you are using Visio 2007.

Our goal in this example is to organize web-published maps into a separate folder while maintaining the proper relative relationships to the folders containing the target documents. To achieve this, we will move the web-published maps "down" one level into their own folder, but this also requires that we move the TaskMaps "down" one level before creating the hyperlinks. Using this technique requires that you plan and create the desired directory structure before you add hyperlinks to your TaskMaps.

The diagram on the left below shows the directory structure we've created to accomplish this goal. In particular, note that:

  • We have created subfolders in the directory Maps to hold the TaskMap files. These folders, Payables and Payroll, serve two purposes: 1) they organize the maps by department (or subject or any other category you choose), and 2) they move the TaskMaps down one directory level as described in the previous paragraph.
  • We have created a folder call Maps – Published to hold the index files and subfolders that comprise the web-published versions of the TaskMaps.

Using this directory layout, the TaskMap hyperlink base folder, X:\Maps\Payroll, is at the same level in the Windows directory hierarchy as its corresponding web-published map folder, X:\Maps – Published\Payroll Process_files.

As the diagrams above illustrate, the path from the hyperlink base folder is the same for both TaskMaps viewed within Visio and for web-published TaskMaps.

Follow the lavender arrows in the diagram on the left to see that the hyperlink target documents are "two up" and "two down" from the folder containing the TaskMap drawing Payroll Process.vsd.

Follow the red arrows in the diagram on the right to see that the hyperlink target documents are "two up" and "two down" from the web-published version of Payroll Process.vsd located in Payroll Process_files.

The hyperlink dialog below shows a link from the Payroll Process TaskMap to Human Resources Manual.doc using the directory structure shown above. Note that the Location field reflects the "two up, two down" path to the target document.

An Alternative

Refer to Relative Hyperlinking -- Move the Web Files for a different approach to ensuring that web published links will work correctly.

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