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Choosing a Link Type

When you create TaskMap, Document or Program hyperlinks you must choose between Relative and Absolute hyperlinks. There are detailed descriptions of each at What are Relative Hyperlinks? and What are Absolute Hyperlinks? but this page provides an overview to help you decide which type of link to use.

In addition, it is essential that you plan the overall directory structure for hyperlink target documents and files before you begin creating hyperlinks. To view a very simple example that involves a hyperlinked Word document that can be accessed both from within Visio as well as from a TaskMap published as a web page, refer to Sharing Web Pages.

As illustrated in the table below, the key criteria for selecting a link type are

  • where the hyperlinked files are located
  • how users of your TaskMaps will access the target documents.

NOTE: In the table below, drive letter and UNC path are two different methods for defining the location of a Windows file. If you are unfamiliar with either term, click on it for a definition.

Creating Absolute Links

Refer to What are Absolute Hyperlinks?

Creating Relative Links

Refer to Creating Relative Hyperlinks

Hint: The choice of Relative or Absolute path is not available until you have saved your TaskMap for the first time.

Harvard Computing Group offers a one-hour, web-based seminar on advanced hyperlinking and web publishing. For details, go to www.taskmap.com and click on the Training tab.