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The primary use of the Connector is to link multiple parts of a process when the process map will not fit on a single page. The Connector shape should be hyperlinked to the destination Task or page and usually displays the target Task ID; if it displays "Z99" it does not yet contain a hyperlink.

Connectors are used to represent both ends of a connection between process segments:

  1. They lead from one page to a continuation page, in which case they usually are placed toward the right side of a TaskMap, e.g.,
  2. They lead onto a page from a previous part of the process, in which case they are usually placed toward the left margin of a TaskMap, e.g.,

Hint: Process Connectors are almost always used in pairs – one leading off a page and one leading onto a page. Use the same Task Link description for both Process Connectors in the pair.

Define Connector Link / Modify Connector Text

When you first drop a Connector onto a TaskMap drawing page, it contains the text Z99 to indicate that it has not yet been labeled or hyperlinked.

You can merely change the text in the shape to indicate the target page on which the process map continues. However, Connectors are even more useful and powerful when you add hyperlinks to the target pages, thereby providing a direct connection to the target page.

There are two methods for adding text to a Connector. One labels the shape as you create a hyperlink from the Connector to the target Task; the other merely adds text to the shape. The first method is preferred as both the underlying hyperlink and the text label in the Connector are dynamically updated if the target Task should ever be renumbered.

  • To add a hyperlink and automatically label the Connector in a single step, select Define Connector Link… from the right-click menu. Use the TaskMap hyperlink dialog to establish the link.
  • To insert text onto the Connector without creating a hyperlink, select Modify Connector Text.

Also see Multi-Page TaskMaps and Complex Processes.

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