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Customize Role NamesCustomize Role Names

The Customize Role Names toolbar option allows you to add, import, edit or delete names from the role names list for this TaskMap.

For additional information about role names, including hints about sharing role name lists with others, see Creating Reusable Lists of Role Names and Saving a Customized TaskMap Template.

Clicking on the Customize Role Names button produces the following dialog box:

Customize Process Role Names

If you select any name in the list by clicking once on it, the Edit and Delete options are enabled as shown here:

Customize Role Names - Name Selected


The New button opens a dialog into which you can type a new role name.

Add a new role name

In nearly all cases, the names in your role list should not be people's names but should be the names of roles in the organization, like those included in the default TaskMap role names list.

As you enter names, TaskMap checks for duplicates. If it finds a duplicate name you will receive the following error message:

Error message - The role name you have entered already exists

Click OK to clear the warning, then enter a different name.


Clicking on this button opens a standard Windows Open dialog (see below), which allows you to import all roles names from any other TaskMap. After selecting the name of the file from which you wish to import, click Open.

Import role names

The software automatically imports all unique names, i.e., it does not import duplicate names.


You can change any existing role name by selecting it, then clicking on the Edit button. The Edit dialog appears as shown below:

Edit an existing role name

After making the desired changes, click OK. You will see that all instances of this role name, on all pages of the current TaskMap, have been changed.


You may delete one or more role name by selecting them in the Customize Role Names dialog.

To select multiple names to delete, do one of the following.

  • To delete contiguous names: click once on the first name to be deleted, the hold down the shift key while clicking once on the second name. The result should look like this:

Delete contiguous names

Click the Delete button, then click Yes when asked whether you really want to delete the selected entries.

  • To delete non-contiguous names: hold the control key down while clicking on the desired names, producing a screen that looks like this:

To delete non-contiguous names

Click the Delete button, then click Yes when asked whether you really want to delete the selected entries.

Deleting Roles That Are Assigned to Tasks

If you attempt to delete a role name that is assigned as a Responsible or Supporting Role for a Task, the system will ask you to confirm your deletion and then it will display the following warning message:

Are you sure you wantto delete the selected role(s)?

If you select "Yes" the system will delete the role and remove every instance of it from all Tasks on all pages of the current TaskMap file. If you select "No" you will be returned to the Customize Role Names dialog box without making any change.

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