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Guidelines typically consist of documents or web pages that contain the rules, regulations, instructions, policies or procedures for successful completion of a Task. Examples of guidelines include Standard Operating Procedures, business rules, operating manuals or safety instructions.

Enter regulations, policies, procedures, recipes, or other rules that control how or when the Task is completed. Separate multiple entries with semicolons (";") up to a maximum of five entries.

Guidelines are shown below the Task box adjacent to an icon of a piece of paper, as pictured below:

Guideline no hyperlink

Hint: When you click once on a Guideline, Resource or Supporting Role, the text will be highlighted in yellow while the item is selected.

Adding Hyperlinks

Visio and TaskMap allow you to create a hyperlink from a Guideline to almost anything on your computer, on your organization's intranet or on the Internet. For example, you can link to web pages, spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, email addresses, executable programs and even to other pages within your TaskMap drawing file.

Hyperlinking can turn an ordinary process map into an extremely valuable resource – you can create a dashboard or navigation tool that connects people to a wealth of supporting materials, all within the context of a work process.

When a Guideline has a hyperlink attached to it, you will notice the hyperlink indicator on the line to the left of the Guideline icon as shown below:

Guideline with Hyperlink

In addition, the name of the hyperlink will appear on the right-click menu for the Guideline.

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