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Hyperlinking to Documents

Refer to Overview of TaskMap Hyperlink Dialog for general information about the hyperlink dialog.

It is critical to understand how absolute and relative hyperlinks function before you create document hyperlinks. Refer to Choosing a Link Type for background information.

For Document-type links, the TaskMap Hyperlink dialog looks like this example:

Document Hyperlink Dialog

Note that the Document variation of the hyperlink dialog can be used to link to any type of file, not just Microsoft Office documents. Among other file types you may use it to link to PDF documents, Access databases, text files, etc.

To hyperlink to a document or file:

  • In the center of the hyperlink dialog, click the radio button next to Document (if it is not already selected).
  1. If you would like to copy an existing hyperlink from elsewhere in this TaskMap, click the Copy previously defined link button and skip to step 4, otherwise continue.
  2. Click the browse button to the right of the Location box to navigate to and select the target document or file.

Select Hyperlink

Note that the default file type when browsing for document is Office Documents (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) but you can also select PDF Documents or All Files.

You may also type or paste the document path name into the Location box.

  1. (Optional) Enter one of the following into the Bookmark box in order to have the hyperlink open the target document at a specific location rather than at the beginning.
    • For Excel: enter a Named Cell or Named Cell Range
    • For PowerPoint: enter a slide number
    • For Word: enter a bookmark name or click the browse button to the right of the Bookmark box to open a list of the bookmarks in the target document. If there are bookmarks in the target document, you will see a list like the one below

      Select a bookmark from the list below

    If there are no bookmarks in the target document, you will see this message box

    There are no bookmarks  in this document

  2. (Optional) Check Open page in new window? if you would like the target page to open in a new Visio window (or a new browser window if you save your TaskMap as a web page).
  3. Select Relative or Absolute Path to TaskMap (refer to Choosing a Link Type).
  4. The Description field defaults to the name of the target document. You may change the description to a different value if you prefer.
  5. Click Apply or Apply and Close.

Hint: You can create document hyperlinks that open Microsoft Office documents to specific locations within the document rather than always at the top. For example, if the target document is a 200-page Human Resources Manual, a Guideline in one Task might open the document to the middle paragraph on page 129, while a Guideline in another Task might open the same document to the beginning of Section Four.

Refer to step 4 above to create links to bookmarks.

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