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Hyperlinking to Email Addresses

Refer to Overview of TaskMap Hyperlink Dialog for general information about the hyperlink dialog.

For Email-type links, the TaskMap Hyperlink dialog looks like this example:

Email Hyperlinks

Linking to an email address opens the user’s email program and pre-addresses a message to the email address in the hyperlink.

To hyperlink to an email address:

  1. In the center of the hyperlink dialog, click the radio button next to Email if it is not already selected.
    • If you would like to copy an existing hyperlink from elsewhere in this TaskMap, click the Copy previously defined link button and skip to step 4, otherwise continue.
  2. Type or paste desired email address into the Email Address box.
  3. The Description field defaults to the email address. You may change the description to a different value if you prefer.
  4. Click Apply or Apply and Close.

Hint: You can specify the subject line that will appear in the hyperlinked email message. To send an email to fred@xyz.com with a subject line of "Status report", you would enter the following into the Email Address box in the hyperlink dialog:

fred@xyz.com?subject= Status report

You can also specify additional details in an email hyperlink, including body text and additional addressees, however, the syntax for adding these elements gets somewhat tedious. To make life a bit easier, About.com offers a handy mailto URL encoder. For full details of the syntax of a mailto: URL, please refer to the Internet email standard RFC 2822.