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TaskMap Help Text

Linking Tasks Together

After you have placed two or more Tasks on a drawing, you will use the Task Link shape to connect them in order to show the flow of work through the process you are mapping. You can place a Task Link on the page by dragging it from the TaskMap stencil or you may copy existing Task Links from the current page, another page, or another TaskMap.

In the example below we have added Task Links to the map we began building in Arranging Tasks on the Page.

Task Links Added

Hint: Applying different line colors or weights can help illustrate critical flows, exception conditions, the most common path through a process, or other important information. You can apply line colors and weights by using either the Visio Format/Line menu options or Visio's line weight and color toolbar options. Refer to Colors and Styles Enhance Meaning.

Task Link Data

See also Task Link.

After placing Task Links in the proper positions, you should set the Task Description and, optionally, the Time Between Tasks. To do this, right-click on a Task Link and choose Define Task Link Details from the menu. The following dialog box will appear:

Task Link Details Dialog

Reminder: Although you can label a Task Link with any description you like, the most effective descriptions are generally the ones that either 1) describe what has just happened, or 2) describe what needs to happen next. In the following simple diagram, the first step updates the mailing list so the resulting Task Link is titled "List Updated".

Task Link

Reminder: Time Between Tasks indicates the time interval between the completion of one task and the start of another. It usually represents either waiting time or preparation time before the next Task can begin. Refer to Task Link for more information about time fields and time units.

To learn how to control which Task Link data elements are displayed on a TaskMap, refer to Task Link Display Options in the Toolbar chapter.