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Linking to Bookmarks

You can make the hyperlinks in your TaskMaps even more valuable by linking to specific locations inside Microsoft Office documents. When someone using your TaskMap follows this type of hyperlink, the target document opens at the specified location rather than always opening at the top.

To create links to named or numbered locations in Microsoft Office documents, see Hyperlinking to Documents.

Example 1

The target document is a 200-page Human Resources Manual created in Microsoft Word.

  • a Guideline in one Task opens the document to the middle paragraph on page 129;
  • a Guideline in another Task opens the document to the beginning of Section Four;
  • yet another link opens the document to the top of page 44.

Hint: TaskMap allows you to browse a list of bookmarks inside a Microsoft Word document rather than requiring you to remember the bookmark names.

Example 2

A budgeting process map uses an Excel workbook containing three years’ budget projections, each on a separate sheet.

  • a Resource in one Task is linked directly to the third quarter totals in Year 2;
  • a Resource in another Task is linked to the annual expense totals for Year 3;
  • yet another link opens the spreadsheet at the top left corner of sheet one.

Example 3

The target document is 53-slide PowerPoint presentation.

  • a Guideline on one Task opens the presentation to slide 17
  • a Resource on another Task is linked to slide 33