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Naming TaskMap Drawing Pages

The name of a TaskMap drawing page is displayed on the tab at the bottom of the Visio window. You can view a TaskMap located on a different page by clicking once on the tab for the page.

Page Identifier

The TaskMap software looks for one, two, three or four characters followed by a space, in the left-most position of the page name. If it finds these characters, it considers them to be the unique identifier for the page and uses them as the initial part of the Task ID for each Task on the page.

Page Names for Simple and Complex Processes

For simple processes comprised of only a few drawing pages, you can add a simple, description page name following the identifying character(s).

For more complex processes, you may want to use a multi-part name that gives readers of your map an idea about how the page fits into the overall context of the process. In the example below, the Sales stage includes four phases: Prospect, Qualify, Demonstration and Proposal.

Page Name Sample

Caution: Do not use any of the following characters in a TaskMap page name:

/ ? & < >

Note that TaskMap does not force you to remove the invalid characters from the page name but if you do not, hyperlinks to shapes on this page may fail.

See Complex Processes for more information about naming conventions for drawing pages.

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