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Risk Number

NOTE: This topic applies only to users of TaskMap Professional.

The Risk Number field is only available with TaskMap Professional and is used to indicate that there is risk associated with a Task.

You can use the Risk Number field in any way you’d like. For example, you might

  • Enter the number of a risk associated with this Task, for example, the number you enter might refer to a database or list of pre-defined risks.
  • Enter a value representing the degree of risk. Some of the pre-defined Visio Data Graphics that you might use to display the Risk Number use a scale of 1 to 5 for this purpose, where 1 means the lowest risk and 5 means the highest risk.

NOTE: TaskMap does not display this field on the Task shape. However, TaskMap Professional includes several predefined and customizable TaskMap Data Graphics for displaying Risk Number. In addition, you can create your own custom Visio Data Graphics.

The examples below show several ways that you might display Risk Number using predefined TaskMap Data Graphics.

See also Control Number

TaskMap with no Data Graphics

TaskMap highlighting Risks by number

TaskMap highlighting Risk severity

In the example below, the numeric value of the risk automatically displays one of these flag icons:

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