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Running Reports in Visio 2002

The report list for Visio 2002 generally contains all available Visio reports on your PC so the list can be quite long. It includes a variety of Microsoft-provided reports that are irrelevant for TaskMap, as well as the predefined TaskMap reports.

When you first click the TaskMap Reports button, you will see a list like the example below. 



To get to the Task reports you will need to scroll down. Note that all TaskMap reports begin with the letters "TM" to make them easy to find (see example below).



To run a report, either double-click on its name, or click once and then click the Run button. Next you will see the Run Report dialog in which you will select a report output format. The appearance of the Run Report dialog varies slightly depending which output format you select.

If you choose to save the report as an Excel shape or a Visio shape, the dialog looks like this:



If you choose to save the report in one of the external file formats, the dialog looks like the one below. Note that you can either specify the path and file name for the output file or accept the default.



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