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Selecting Tasks or Task Elements

The Task shape is a complex shape that consists of multiple elements. Consequently, there are a few special considerations for selecting the Task shape or individual elements within the Task.

Selecting a Task

You can use either of two methods to select a Task:

  • Click once on the Task shape
  • Draw a bounding box around the Task box. To do this click and hold down the mouse button anywhere on the page background near the Task you want to select, then drag the cursor so the bounding box surrounds the rectangular portion of the Task shape. At this point the screen will look like this:

When you release the mouse button, the Task will be properly selected.

When the Task is selected you will see a set of Visio selection "handles" and the Task description will be highlighted in yellow.

Selecting a Task Without the Yellow Highlight

Occasionally is it useful to select a Task without the yellow highlight on the Task Description, especially if you plan to copy and paste the Task into a Microsoft Office document. To do so, draw a bounding box around the Task(s) while using the right mouse button instead of the left.

Selecting Multiple Tasks

There are times when you may want to select multiple Tasks at once. For example, you might select multiple Tasks if you want to copy them onto the same or a different drawing page.

The easiest way to select multiple Tasks is to draw a bounding box around all of them at once (this will also select any other types of shapes that are fully contained within the bounding box). After you have done so, you will notice that Visio considers one Task to be the primary task and the others to be secondary. Visio applies a different outline color or style to the primary Task than to the secondary shapes.

However, when you use a bounding box to select multiple Tasks, you have no control over which Task Visio considers to be the primary, nor can you control the sequence in which it selects the secondary Tasks. If you want to select multiple Tasks in a specific sequence, for example, because you want to renumber them in a specific order (see Renumber Tasks), you should use a different technique – hold the Shift key down while either clicking twice on, or drawing a bounding box around, each Task in sequence.

Selecting Task Elements

To select the Responsible Role, a Guideline, Resource or Supporting Role, click once on the appropriate item. Note that these Task elements will be highlighted in yellow when you select them. The highlighting will disappear when you select another element or select any other object on the page.

Selecting Multiple Task Elements

TaskMap allows you to select multiple Guidelines, Resources and Supporting Roles. This is particularly useful if you would like to apply a hyperlink to multiple items at the same time.

To select multiple elements, hold down the Shift key as you select each item. The result will look something like this:

Hint: you can select multiple elements across multiple Tasks. For example, if you use the same resource in multiple Tasks and would like to apply the same hyperlink to each instance of that resource, use the multi-select technique to select each instance, then right-click on any of the selected resources to apply the hyperlink.

See also Using Hyperlinks.