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TaskMap Basics

TaskMap Basics

TaskMap® runs as an add-in to Microsoft Visio. Therefore, to use TaskMap, Visio must be installed on your computer. You can either launch TaskMap directly or you can start it after starting Visio, In other words, you can

  1. Start TaskMap by opening a TaskMap template or an existing TaskMap, and Visio will start automatically.
  2. Start Visio and then open a new or existing TaskMap.

Once you have opened the TaskMap template within Visio, TaskMap® uses the standard Visio workspace that consists of

TaskMap Editions

TaskMap is available in two editions:

  • TaskMap Standard has been available since 2004 and runs with Visio 2002, Visio 2003 or Visio 2007, in either the Standard or Professional version.
  • TaskMap Professional utilizes capabilities that are only available in Visio 2007 Professional so it requires that you have installed Visio 2007 Professional before you install TaskMap Professional.