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Sharing Images

Saving Images of TaskMaps

Visio provides several options to save a TaskMap (or a portion of a TaskMap) as an image. If your TaskMap consists of more than one drawing page, note that you must save each page as a separate image.

To use this feature:

  1. Select all objects on the drawing page, or just those that you want to save as an image (see hint below about selecting shapes).
  2. On the File menu click the Save As button.
  3. Select the image option that best suits your needs. As a guide to making your choice:
    • For web page images, use gif or jpg format.
    • For inclusion in high quality publications for printing, use bmp file format.
    • If you have photographs or other gray scale images as a part of your TaskMap, use either jpg, gif or tif formats.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Depending on your version of Visio and the type of image you are creating, you will be prompted with options to save your image at different resolutions and with different characteristics.

Hint: If your saved images include Tasks that show a yellow highlight for the Task Description and you would prefer to omit the highlight, you can select shapes without the yellow highlight (Visio 2003 and later only).

Sharing Images

Once you have saved images of TaskMaps in the file format you need, you can include them in other applications by using the import functions within the selected application.

The wide variety of file save options in Visio makes it easy to create the right type of image for your application.

Securing Your TaskMap Data

As a TaskMap author you have control over which TaskMap data is displayed on the Visio drawing page. Refer to Task Display Options for more information. By setting the display options before you save your drawing as an image, you can control the distribution of TaskMap data.

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